Bread of Life Ministry

Lakeview Missions Committee is embarking on a new outreach ministry to offer aid to children and their families at one Hickory’s neediest schools, Jenkins Elementary. The “Bread of Life” ministry will provide food assistance four times during the school breaks (Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and one week of food at the End of the School Year).

At this time LBC has been assigned 25 families to assist. However, the number of families may fluctuate depending on the situation (which is assessed by the guidance counselors at Jenkins). Our prayer is to let the light and love of Christ shine through, as we seek to help those in need who may have lost all hope. Let’s not forget the words of Jesus, “inasmuch as you did it to one of the least of these My brethren, you did it to Me.”

Please join us in this exciting new ministry of help and hope, as we share bread for life that ultimately we may share The Bread of Life.

Ways Lakeview Members can assist :

1. Purchase non-perishable food for ministry.
2. Sponsor or Co-sponsor a family.
3. Contribute monetarily to ministry.
4. Volunteer to participate in packing events.
5. Volunteer to do shopping.
6. Volunteer to deliver food to Jenkins
Elementary (early am)
7. Sign up for the Food Lion’s Community
Rewards Program. Proceeds will be sent to
church three times a year to use toward
ministry. (More details at later date. )



$175.00 PER FAMILY

$130.00 PER FAMILY

$100.00 PER FAMILY


Lindsey Hendrix - Missionary in Sweden

Lindsey Hendrix grew up at Lakeview. She felt the Lord leading her to the mission field, this is her testimony:
“My life was radically changed my freshman year of college when someone told me what the heart of Christianity was.  God used the to make sense of things I had heard growing up in church but never had fully understood.  I was told God desired a relationship with me, however my unholy sin separated me from this Holy God but Jesus’ perfect life, death and resurrection was sufficient to pardon the consequences of all my sin.  What is more, by putting my trust in Christ, God saw me through the lens of what Christ had done.  I was seen as holy.  Therefore, I could be reconciled to Him and have a relationship with this all-loving, merciful God.
College became a time I grew in knowledge and intimacy in my relationship with God.  The summer before graduating, I had the opportunity to serve on a summer mission to Sweden with cru.  In just five weeks, the Lord gave me a vision and passion for these people.  The average Swedish student  I interacted with had never considered if a God existed and the idea they could have a personal relationship  with Him sounded absurd. Fore most Swedes, I was the first person they had ever had a spiritual  conversation with and for some, the first Christian they had ever met.
I realized that summer in 2005 God was calling me to the university campus.  It is where He changed my life and where He wanted to use me to change other’s lives by the power of the gospel.  I joined staff with cru in 2006 to help make Christ known in Sweden.  I count it a privilege to take part in God drawing Swedes back to Himself.

There are several ways you can support Lindsey:

To give online:   www.give.cru.org/0581880

To be a prayer partner:   please send Lindsey your e-mail address.

Lindsey’s contact information:    lindsey.hendrix@cru.org


Family Movie Ministry

A fun filled time with entertainment for the entire family.  This community outreach event is held multiple times during the year, some are even held outside.  Snacks, a Christian based film, giveaways and great fellowship! Check the calendar for movie event times, normally held in late winter, spring and fall.  

Wheelchair Ramp Ministry

Ramp building as needs arise for church members or non-church members.  A group from Lakeview travels to local building sites.  Currently averaging between 2 to 3 ramps per year.  Various forms of funding are available. Contact the church office for information on assistance.