We welcome “ewe” to LBC Women’s Ministry Page!

   Acknowledge that the Lord is God!  He made us, and we are his. We are his people, the sheep of his pasture. Psalm 100:3  

                     We are known as “EWES” (E very W oman E arnestly S erving)

                                                                  Our Core Team 2018
                                               Rosemary Rhodes     Sharon Snellings
                                               Peggy Burgin         Tanya Mikeals
                                               Michelle Randall      Pam Hite
                                               Ashley Campbell      Allison Brown
                                               Melissa Rhodes
     It is our desire to meet the needs of a woman’s heart, her inward spiritual growth and outward ministry.  We hope that each meeting, special event, or Bible study will make the presence of Christ more real in each woman’s life. 
Our purpose is to provide a place where women can grow spiritually while serving God, our church, and others.  Women serve in every aspect of our church: leading committees, serving on various teams, leading in our worship ministry, and teaching, to name just a few.  Our church also gives opportunities for women to serve in our community and around the world through mission trips.  We want to help you find a place to serve that you enjoy and where you can use your God given talents. 
     Another important element of our women’s ministry is building friendships.  Intentional planning goes into creating an atmosphere of fellowship.  Your are invited to join us for planning meetings, special events, and Bible studies as you find and make new friends. 

                                                            Schedule of Events 2018


                                                                           Bible Studies

                                 (New Bible studies are in the planning stages….stay tuned!)

                                                                      We are women who:

                      Love God                      Serve Others                  Grow People


Love God:

We love God by participating in worship services, where we love Him with all of our hearts and in so doing fulfill our greatest purpose and need.

Serve Others:

We serve in all aspects of our church: to name just a few,
  • leading committees
  • serving on teams
  • leading in our music ministry
  • teaching Sunday School and Bible studies

Grow People:

We encourage all women to be involved in a Bible study on Sunday mornings as they grow in their relationship with Christ and other believers.  We also offer women’s Bible studies throughout the year.